Metabit “belief” construct

metabit "belief" construct:

at the absolute core of all

is the "possibility" matrix-

the simultenaeity of all possible states

within this matrix is an inherent, mathematically expressed urge for novelty concrescence and novelty conservation, forming the primary polarity, upon which all later polarities are based.

spacetime exists as a dimension where


can be funneled into "time",

and collapsed down to "experience" which must necessarily be encoded into a memory matrix dimension, allowing "possibility" to be expressed and conserved as temporal trajectory record.

without a memory matrix dimension, complexity can not be conserved and built upon.


the duality of Self

is a polarity


the spacetime interface;

-the body-and its temporal sensors-touch, taste, hearing, etc,


the possibility matrix interface:

the zero-point where the "possibility" matrix collapses down to corporation of urges called a Self (big S)


the conduit between the

possibility matrix Self

and the

spacetime self




within this polarity, there is a programmable temporal quantum buffer


a mind


the purpose of mind is

to focus novelty

into spacetime

while simultaneously encoding that experience into the memory matrix dimension, which can then form the basis of new complexity...


the above expressed mind construct interacts with spacetime

using computers to construct a sonic complexity chain of polarity modulations- amplitude, spatial position and frequency,  as the x, y and z of a sonic 3 dimensional form

a sonic fractal matrix


fractal core-sonopixel0



-the simultenaeity of all sound

the center

is modulated into the most dominant polarity-

the on and the off

0 and 1

the modulation of this polarity creates amplitude volume (z-axis)


the next most dominant polarity is

the split from singularity to duality by modulating left to right spatial position (x-axis)


followed by the modulation of the polarity of high to low (y-axis)

frequency modulation of gesturo-programmatic variability

fed into a time membrane of gesturo-programmatic variability

using sustainĀ“-delay


the first polarity is of this layer is

no sustain

-the immediate now

the other is

all sustain

the next simultenaeity of sound in the sonic fractal

forming the core complexified possibility state for the next fractal layer


fractal layer1-sonopixel1


feeds a loop buffer

a time bubble of gesturo-programmatic variability

a fractal densification of the sustain-based time membrane of sonopixel0, into the domain of

poly-temporal sono-spatial constructor

the constructed now

equating loop length with spatial volume and temporal sono-intentionality with density,

within which,  more fractal complexity is constructed


fractal layer2-sonopixel2

feeds into the process of the metabit  granular polycombinator

the transmolecularization of sonomorphic time into polycombinant perception matrix bits.

perception is a programmable filter through which reality is projected

the perception of the sonomorphic relationships between the gesturo-programmatically interfaced, ever complexifying, modulations of time, train the mind to construct and notice more and more subtle details of sonic interaction creating a programmable sono-complexity-membrane which modulates how the perception projects reality as

a sonocybernetic "possibility" interface into spacetime


thats the most compact notion of it that" i can express in text

also might be interesting to read it while listening to this piece


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