initial notes on a piezo disc contact mic bone conduction mouth interface


been working on a mouth interface that could replace the air blown metaphor and the microphone metaphor, while retaining the best features of both, while then being easier to implement, repair and modify. the answer is bone conduction through using those cheap piezo discs you find in musical birthday card and cheap electronic toys.

i like this because it can be "blown" like a mouthpiece-with MUCH faster action and more intimate articulation-and it can also be sang into using bone conduction which means that the vibration of your singing vibrate from your teeth to the disc, directly. the side benefit of this is there is no feedback when around sound systems.

the thinking is that the oral cavity and larynx are amazingly capable synthesizers already, so by capturing the full range of the voice, and extending it, the tonalities that can be achieved will be...something i can describe yet.

the possibly bigger benefit is that potential patternist dont have to know how to play anything or sing or play a wind instrument. they only must be able to make noises with their mouth, which then get modified thru movement. like dancing new phoenomes into your own syntax.

gonna whip up some prosthetics to mount it on my face today and get the system wired for gestures.