Naima interface revision 1

so, finally got around to revising naima.

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i am taking my time with learning the coding neccessary to program the esp8266's. i'm using the Arduino IDE so there are more than enough tutorials. its just amatter of learning the function calls and the syntax. i currently have connection in one direction and only 9 bytes of data, so i want to comprehend why, more fully, so im gonna just meditate with it for a while.

in the meantime, i decided to finsh the Naima interface. it was unfinished from running out of material and time in Morocco and since i need a proper playable testbed while im learning to code the new parts of the exo-voice, i figured it was time to finish it.

the hand braces are neccessary so that my fingers "float" above the sensors. the dome is neccessary to refract the light from the rgb led in all directions smoothly. otherwise its just a little annoying point of light.

although it is a sort of hybrid of wind controller and exo-voice, it feels very different from both. the angled side-by-side hand positioning connected to the mouth, feels more singularthan the exo-voice...and simpler...like a wind midi controller, but pressure initiated function calls, gestural sound sculpting, binaural panning, looping and ganular sampling are all from the exo-voice and i couldnt even dream of such things being built into the wx5 i used to play so this wont be a step backward...more like a step sideways.

oh, and to add to that...im not using saw/boehm fingerings in this interface. ive been working on an 8bit fingering system for over a year and i think its time to implement. im already out in the woods with this thing so i might as well forge on #forwardretreat

i will begin posting the sounds it makes soon.and will post the files to build it next week. unlike the exo-voice, this one wasnt planned or promised so it'll give me practice in releasing the exo-voice more efficiently, when that time comes #verysoon

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