Sonomorphology and Transdimensional Perception Machines powered by Intent


(Play this while you read, preferably with headphones. this post was created with the intention of being heard simultaneously.)

Since arrivng in Detroit, I have been crawling down into the rabbit hole trying to comprehend things.  this place has a palpable energy.  it is no coincidence that so much crazy shit has happened here throughout time.  My host has given me space to be me and my drastically modified diet of mostly spirulina and rice has cleared fog that i didnt know was there.  i wasnt able to put it into words until today.  i feel like i need to document this moment while it is still fresh in my mind. handunit v2.2-2handunit v2.2

for the last few months, i have been refining the exo-voice prosthesis, in all relevant dimensions; biomechanical design, sonological design and sonomorphological construction(more on these last two in a moment).  ive learned that each properly realized stage of development usually becomes a singularity which then becomes the new base-level-the new normal upon which every other stage is built.

the most recent singularities have been the realization  of a hand unit form that is biomechanically neutral while enabling as much gestural expression as possible. once the hands were free to express themselves fully, a new singularity expressed itself almost immediately.  having fixed the thumb positioning, palm angle and index finger height, a very new cohesion in the sonomorphology has been attained. Picture 282Picture 280

what is music?  when music is not "constructed" properly, you can percieve it, even if your are not trained in creating it. once i finally had a hardware construct that was  working, i turned my attention fully back to sonomorphology (sonic form) and sonologic (the "why" of the sonic form).   the idea of good sound is less aesthetic and more architectural now. so i have been playing with some basic interactions of nature; hot/cold, wet/dry.  these produce the commonl known; earth, air, fire and water. I had been looking for a conceptual underpinning for the sonic idea of the exo-voice system. it should be able to gesturally construct any sound form conceivable, from properly expressed representations of these modalities. earth-air-fire-water-1i


recently, someone i care about informed me that they were going to the hospital for a procedure.  i hate hospitals.  the word itself induces anxiety in me, so to dissipate said anxiety and project a strong constructive energy to that person, i created a “sonomorph” for that person.  what this means is that i projected as much constructive intent as i could, into the sonic fractal.  whether it meant anything or not, is not the point.  the sonomorph was not constructed to entertain.  it was the sonic representation of an intent...a sort of sonic fractal prayer, if you will.  upon listening to it later, i sensed a morphology that was distinct and different from previous forms but i couldnt quite determine what it was…until i made a recent soujourn into hyperspace.

into hyperspace

upon entering the state, i meditated on the sonomorph by lying down and listening to it with headphones, in the dark.  the first listen was strongly visual.  the second listen 30 minutes later had a curious effect;  the visuals were the same but more realized. by the 3rd listen something occured in my perception;

the realization that the sonomorph was creating a repeatable volumetric space within my mindspace. 

the "song" was a place. 

but moreover, inside that place were what could only be described as machines.  not machines like on this plane of perception.  these machines had tentacles and mounting mechanisms that held them in place and each tentacle was multicolored with each color being a sort of circuit pattern, like scales on a snake but varying in geometry and in bright, almost tacky colors.  the reason i knew the sonomorph was creating it was that as soon as the piece ended, everything in the space kind of dissipated into a more randomized field of colors and squigglies, but as soon as the piece was restarted, the structure reasserted itself within the disorder, bringing back the previous structural morphology. some of the form can be seen in this phase scope representation of the piece.(will post a video later today) its not representative of what is seen in hyperspace but it does give some idea of the order present within the piece. (note the toroidal shapes at the beginning of the piece. )

the conclusion i came to was that this newer sonomorph, modulated by focused intent, IS a machine. a machine that resides in mindspace.  i also listened to the piece "duality" that i posted a few days before creating this piece for comparison.

duality was assembled from a dozen or so recordings, done at different times over a two week period rather than a single piece created with intent.  within hyperspace, it was  "broken".  it did not create a space nor did it produce machines in that space.

this blew my mind a bit.

it suggested that it was not merely the style of sound or how it is played but rather "why" it is played. 

within this matrix, the previously mentioned elements (air, earth, water, fire) produce the form; water is easily expressed as the low complexity, gurggling filters ive been using. fire is represented by distortion, clipping, harmony or energetic conceptualization.  fire "radiates" energy in any form.  fire can be applied to "air", which is represented by the more flowing melodic elements which tend to make up the "machines"  those elements that have a function and purpose that emerge out of and distinct from the generalized background of the form. its opposite is "earth" or solid, which finds it most obvious expression as hits and thuds.  in addition, air and earth are “inputs” while hot and cold are modulators! so combinations of these elements  promises some interesting resulting expressions.

what is also interesting is that although the structure dissipates at the end of the sonomorph, like a cloud of smoke, the "perception" of the structure does not. the intent machines continue to be perceptible and functional after leaving hyperspace.

what if it is possible to create “self programmable” sonomorphs that build programmable mind machines within mindspaces,  which could be used to structure our own focus on what we determine our intent to be? music as transdimensional architecture.  like a string of song hooks with syntactic structure. the exo-voice becomes a recursive "intent amplifier".

so back in "this" space

what the exo-voice is here on this plane, the sonomorph is as an exo-technological interface for intent. the exploration and design and evolution of sonic fractals that gravitate toward  “architectural mechanics” hence the shift in terminology from sonic fractal to sonomorph.  all elements on “this” side should create a "multi" dimensional expression that consciously enables “trans”dimensional sonomorphology.

the expression of light, sound and design on this plane of reality, can imply higher dimensional forms that create sonological machines of intent within the mind construct, which then feeds back into design changes of light, sound, and design, meaning…that with each focused design upgrade the resolution of the sonomorph increases, which then influences the next design change, rinse…repeat…

sonomorphology is a bridge between this plane of reality and hyperspace. 



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