Last flight of the cicada and the evolution of kinetic polyrhythm

the above episode is actually #8.  i plan to go back and build episode #7 in the next couple of days.  I just wanted to get it out while it was fresh on my mind.  it felt opportune.  I was in memphis for a “thing” (concert/talk/q&a) at Forge Hackerspace, which I will get to in a minute, but after said thing, I and my host, Eric, walked around in an area near the river and came upon this Cicada on the sidewalk and proceeded to carry it and talk to it until if decided it had had enough of us talking to/about it.  it just so happened that I had my camera and my lenses with me on this little excursion and I was able to get this strange (high resolution I might add) footage of this strange creature.  Eric knew so much interesting information about these creatures that I just had to get it on film.

I didn’t realize until later that this encounter meshed perfectly with serendipitous sonic interactions that happened during the “thing”.  for the last few months I was in self-imposed exile in california, busking down by lake merritt in an attempt to find something…a sound…an idea in the form of a function or gesture or…I don’t know what to call it but I knew that I needed to play-program-play-program to find it and then in mid august I found this…

interestingly, before I went out on this day, I had spent a few hours watching ravi shankar videos on youtube.  the over lapping polyrhythms had been very intersting to me.  so when I hit the pitch, this layered, filter-modulated polyrhythmic kinesis seemed to be just hanging out waiting for me, as if it had just been waiting just under the surface for its time to emerge from its previous state, just like the cicada, which stay under ground for 7 years before emerging in vast brilliance.

one effect of this polyrhythmic filter interaction is a pronounced insect like quality to the rhythm…to the sound.  so much so that it makes me wonder in two directions;

  1. are combined insect songs a singular fractal sound propagation system?
  2. should I begin to model in the direction of how insects propagate their song?

I’m mostly just thinking out loud on those tips, but the new interaction makes the SPOR(single point of origin) concept of fractal synthesis, make more sense.  every aspect of sound is easily iterated now so, you know…insect vectors?  why the fuck not?  I imagined insect vectors a few years ago but had no refernce for how they would manifest…until now. 

The “thing”

first off, I walked into see this made out of metal


this is the stage!  the artist, Elisha Gold, a local metal artist, designed it based on pictures of my tattoos!  I always love coming to memphis because it is always this level of energy!  later in the evening we “jammed” together; me on my exo-voice and he on metal grinder!!  the awesomeness never stops! 

before the show, Eric Swartz of eventone media, and i , did a bitcoin transaction onstage to show how easy it could be.  all together, my experiences of late, with hackerspaces, is making me want to really invest some time and energy into investigating possible synergies.  it would almost seem obvious that the first sonic fractal matrices would evolve most naturally from such environments.

for this post I really just wanted to post the video from from the “thing” and give it a bit of context before I begin digging into an unreal amount of footage from the last two months in california and into a new conceptual episode style. 

Last flight of the cicada by Onyx Ashanti on Mixcloud