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Archive for December 2013


Bitcoin code test


Something is different…

I think something came back through the looking glass with me this weekend...I'm thinking of forking away from beatjazz and calling this "Neuro" or something more or less cheesy.
most definitely listen to this with headphones. the spatial separation moves around inside your head.

More soon Smile


It’s lucky that digital doesn’t rust…

testing…testing, one, two, three…is this on?


just restarting my blogging habit after what seems like most of the year, spent inside my own head, trying to figure something out…and I did.  I figured “it” out.  what I figured out comes across as “wtf?!” and obvious, at the same time.  I want to jump into it directly, but I decided to try that out on close friends first.  these are people who have to hear me ramble about every tiny detail of this ever growing innerspace, almost daily.  almost without fail, I got more “wtf?!” than “ah, well I saw that coming”.  so I decided to unroll this thing properly over multiple blog posts, starting with contributor perk updates!  yaaaaay!!!  rest assured that in the next week and a half, I have, what I feel, is an interesting announcement.  until then, I will catch you up on (counts on fingers…) 3 MONTHS (!!) of goings on and movements toward a new level of abstraction. holla…

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