Exploring the rabbit hole; The Better Question or Why so long since the last post(part1).

First, let me say that I apologize for not posting for such a long time.  I actually like this form of expression.  I can formulate a statement that either is completely separate from the other expression vectors or glues them all together into something vaguely singular.  this post will be an attempt to validate, with the requisite overly wordy descriptions that I feel comfortable projecting, exactly why I have not blogged in so long.  I will attempt to sum up the totality of the last 2 months in 5 posts.  any less and it will be like reading a small book.

The Crowdfunding campaign

another apology goes here.  I didn’t invest my complete self or mind into the campaign as I should have, but more on that in a sec.  I felt that there were two big issues with the campaign;

  • 1.It was just way too much too soon.  I gambled with putting a full process trajectory out in the public sphere to see what would happen and besides the video not saying much, although being the best looking video I have had, this should have been at least 10 separate campaigns, one after another, rather than one big conceptual behemoth. 

  • 2.It stopped being about “me” and became about “you”.  this one I should have known better. I HATE projects that assume that I am going to do things the way the creator wants because they have this picture of an “end user” in mind.  it tipped dangerously close to a market focus more than an idea focus.  I wont make that mistake again.  This is my system for expressing myself, which I will “share” as fully as possible, meaning that first and foremost,

    -if I can express myself ever more fully with it, then I am happy
    -I will teach myself what I feel will contribute to my vision
    -I will share what I teach myself
    -if no one else plays it, I can at least be happy that I can play it based on my own criteria.

the campaign was more of an expression of the process that has been going on in my head for the last few months.  in future campaigns, I will be sure to segregate the concepts into their own modules.  and once I ferry all my current contributors to happy land (I've still got a surprise for you Leo), I am investigating creating a page that will simply be a place to contribute to individual modules and receive perks, without the need or expense of a campaign site like kickstarter or indiegogo.  let me know what you think about this idea.

    The Better Question

The better question isn't a “question” in that way, but a mode of inquiry.  Basically, I am programming myself, openly and tangibly.  finding existing patterns, gauging their usefulness and either updating them or deleting them by keeping them in the front of my perception and referencing the new pattern until the old one is no longer referenced.  To do this, I have a basic, updating set of rules so my program doesn’t become an influence vector for detrimental processes.

  • -focus on self guided evolutionary growth
  • -do not monetize the “core” expression. 
  • -learn how every aspect of my construct works ( computer, ram, wire, capacitors, servos, etc.) and reverse engineer it for the sake of the first rule.
  • -share the idea in a way that allows continued growth
  • -each expression vector should be able to be plugged into any other vector and influence it in interesting ways.
  • *entertain myself.*

this part of an evolving logic system that governs everything now.  its not about “music”.   its about expression.  music is “an” expression now and not “the” expression.  My current expression vectors are;

  • sound
  • programming-mostly pure data but also learning JavaScript
  • motion-sometimes dance-like but mostly parameterized to influence a particular sonic syntax
  • visualizations
  • CAD (Computer aided Design) and 3d printing

tDCS (Transcrannial Direct Current stimulation-stimulating my brain while expressing through the system, effectively playing myself in a feedback loop)

each vector feeds the other, i.e.., if I change a bit of code, I may need to change the design of the, say, hand units, to accommodate the new function.  this cross pollination of idea vectors has had the unintended side effect of what I will call “idea fever”-an obsessive investigation of the mutation possibilities, exacerbated by the ability for immediate results.  if I can design it on paper, I can probably 3d print it and have it working within 2-3 days, max.  now I rarely leave home because each vector is like a child that needs constant attention.  I am designing a protocol for getting out of the crib (yes, I need a protocol) “expressing” .  I wont go so far as to say “performance” because some aspects cant be performed in a classic sense, but they can be expressed.  I cant explain more than that because I don’t know what it means yet, hence the protocol: a function or set of functions that will lightly govern all of these vectors in a way that is fun and sustainable.

one such protocol is my “ghost protocol”. Jan freheit and Max Krueger have been graciously helping me create a a new form of data presentation/performance using webservers.  I will describe it more when it works, but it has been an all encompassing aspect of the idea fever that has kept me from blogging the last couple of months.

the idea fever is more intense than in the past because each expression vector increases resolution, the more I use it, and when I tire of one as a focus, I can instantly shift to another without feeling like I am being lazy, and so far there are 8 with at least 5 more on the horizon.  the more things that emerge from the “other” place in ones head, and into the “see/hear/touch/feel(different from touch, I am discovering) space”the more the idea mutates and this process is astoundingly interesting.  Having ingested various psychedelic substances over the years, this “new normal” state has  all the best characteristics of a great psychedelic experience, without the initial compound to get the ball rolling.

The search for answers is uninteresting because it implies a finality of inquiry.  the greater quest is now for the better question.  for instance, while in an idea fever, I tend not to eat much (slows me down too much).  so the “answer” is to eat, obviously.  the better question is why eat? can I create a means of sustaining or even improving my health and cognitive functions which is based on ingesting/eating something I design, using my above expression vectors?  or would this trajectory require me to create another vector just for this purpose?  the point now is  to investigate the question!  I will eat food until then, of course, because I will check this question against my rule set above.  get it?!  questions produce results that may be answers or just questions that needed the first question as a starting point.   the exo-voice was an answer/question that the beatjazz controller inquiry produced.  the original question did not result in an exo-voice, only the function of a wind midi controller split into 3 parts.

so this is the rabbit hole I've been in for the last couple of months.  maybe its more information than you need but I felt i t was necessary, to convey that there is an evolving process happening.  and in the name of sharing, I present it here for you.  this week I am working on contributor perks (thankfully I don’t have to invent anything to fulfill them this time), and updating all my online stuff which no longer represent the new normal…the new reality of perception.  and updating you on my travels with pics and video of all the shows/presentations and trips.  after which I will post the build instructions for the v1, since I haven't actually done that yet.  but at least you will have an idea of why my descriptions of these events is so trippy.  Holla…

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