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Archive for December 2012


Happy Holidays! the Beatjazz controller is ready for download for makers everywhere!

so finally, I have begun the process of fullfilling my promis of turning this into an open source project.  you can see the files for building your own controller here  it is now in the wild.

I dont really know what this will mean to me or to others or to the project.  it might be ignored completely.  it might be jacked and someone else take credit for it.  it might be used for something i cant imagine or just one piece might be relevant to more than just me.  I dont know...which is exciting.  i dont have experience here so i am interested to see what happens.

what i hope is that people see that this is not an instrument, but an idea.  an idea that one can create their own personal prostheic computer interface and not have to be content with what the corporations think we want based on their little demographic surveys. 

 it is a seed.  it is not meant to be this configuration persistently but to be modified, changed and even discarded once said person has found themselves through going through the build process.  i have recently seen 3 different systems inspired by the beatjazz system and none of them look or operate like mine.  that is the point.  it is also the point to the construction.  i designed it with a million little pieces so that each of those pieces can be iterated to each persons perfection.

I knew that i had to upload it now because my own personal system iterates so much that i do not consider it to actually exist as a tangible thing.  it only exists as a tangible "state"  no part of my system has remained unchanged for more than 6 weeks.  and there is no reason for it to.  it can change based on my whims, creative urges, geographical location, event is a tangible thought...a corporeal idea.  and as such i knew that if i didnt upload it now, it would iterate away from anything that anyone would understand.  

so Happy holidays and happy building.  and thank you for helping me build (one of) my dreams.

Transform presentation and talk from DDB-Tribal event

This was an unexpectedly interesting performance from a few weeks ago where i had just changed a couple of fundamental function positions and everything became infinitely more comfortable to take the sounds thru the process currently still called Beatjazz.  I hope you dig it.

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