Details on the new Head Prosthesis and Backlit Lounge Reboot

spideyshotooooh yeah, its on!

a hump has been overcome in the last month or so.  i cant pinpoint the exact moment; maybe it was when the looper stopped crashing or when I modularized the the system components but it feel like i am working within an environment now rather than creating it.  this is making life so much more enjoyable.

I have recently resumed designing stuff.  most of that has been on contributor perks (more on that in a sec).  but about a week or so ago, i jumped into redesigning my own headset.  the primary headset is fine but i wanted to be able to monitor from my heaphones again. 

i used to have the exact same sennheiser HD25's integrated into my helmet.  I've had them for about 10 years and they are the best headphones i have ever owned. loud, comfortable and durable. so i decided that i would rig up a way to mount them to the headset.  i also figured that the inevitable headband that would be neccessary to hold them up, now that the headset was no longer hanging on my ears, could also house my old in-ear monitor beltpack guts in a new shell that would sit at the top-back of my head.  the HD25s are special because the connector to the headphones have detachable cables which i made short so they can be plugged into the belt pack input or into a cable extender plugged into my sound card. 

DSCF6421i figured that since i was designing shit, i may as well design some goggles as well. if you look at many of my older videos, you will see i have a thing for headgear, goggles and sunglasses.  they make me feel safe.  with this beatjazz system, it has been hard to wear sunglasses and i resorted to swim goggles for a while but i got bored of that look so i stopped wearing them.  this seemed to be a great opportunity to design some that are made for the purpose of being integrated fold away eyewear as well as allowing me to start experimenting with integrating my heads up display system.  I tried to design them to have character but too not influece the perception of the sound too much.  i wanted them to be part of a singular aesthetic.

the result is BLISS.  not only can i hear the music properly now, webcam-toy-photo2but the headphones feel luxurious.  the added headstrap balances the the design.  it is everything i wanted in a helmet, without the helmet, or rather, it is what i would have wanted had i known i could do it.

A big consideration was for the design to still feel very human.  most of the face and the eyebrows are still visible so emotion can still be conveyed.  the perfect placement of the goggles, headphones, and mouthpiece combined with the latest updates to the software, make it feel like a prosthesis.  like i AM the sound.  that if i wasnt in this construct, this sound wouldnt exist.  it is even more intimate than before.  like the music itself instructed me to build it a body.  wierd shit man. 

Backlit Lounge

11-29-06_backlitSFafter the test of the pitchshifter a couple of weeks ago, and the new prosthesis last week, i knew it was FINALY time to take this beast out for more more frequent test flights so i decided that last weekend was a goodtime to wipe the dust off the backlit lounge concpet party i used to do in San Francisco a few years ago.  the party, then, was an open laptop musician party where people would sign up on myspace (!?!) and come down and play a set, network and genrally chill.  But now i Live in Berlin.  and now the world is open source software, 3d printers, facebook and wireless networked gestural musical thingies, so it will be more "fractal" than the original concept.  but the first one was only posted 3 days before and Alesh One was nice enough to offer up his "tiniest art house in berlin" for me to do wierd shit on saturday nights.

Lots of people showed up for such a small space. I brought my sound system from home. i think the relaxed-ness of the format might have threw some folks a curve ball.  Backlit lounge isnt a club night.  its an experiment night for artists.  and even if no other artists show up to participate (although a 3 cats did show up and we jammed a bit), i will spent the time refining my beats, grooves, sounds, or whatever.   and so it was saturday night.  i got to take the system thru its paces.  i was happy with the new errors that popped up. the old ones were gone.  i feel optimistic about the progress that will happen over the winter in this space (every saturday from 8pm til an undefined point in the morning)

Crowdfunding campaign progress

IMG_0014I went to the Lysergic studio last week.  these are the cats that are printing the tshirts for contributors.  i got to take a few pics of them screen printing Loganics amazing artwork onto tshirts.  they are true artists!  the tshirt came out wonderfully detailed and high quality, all the way down to the handsewn labels with my logo on them.



i decided against DVDs at all for this campaign.  they were a pain in the ass the last time so i am using flashdrives.  this is the design for the flash drive holder which also happens to be a pendant.  thats right. biodegrable plastic bling! IMG_0008 i've actually been rocking this one lately.  so now the main issues are putting 3 notebooks worth of scans into the ubuntu distro that everyone will get.  i figured that it would be easier and cooler than just a flashdrive full of patches and pictures.  its not hard to assemble, just tedious, but it is coming along and it will be SICK when it is done.  i cant wait to get it out to those contributors!


Check out the profile that Sparkfun did on my project for their site.  they are really cool and supportive guys that i met last year at the maker faire in NYC.  they were in Berlin last November for a conference i was presenting at and did a whole film/interview thing with me so they could put together an awesome profile for their site, since i get the vast majority of my parts from them.  it is really interesting to see all of this footage from that time.  a year seems so long ago, but that is the world we live in now, i guess.  check it out.

Let your geek shine!

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