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Archive for July 2012


New and improved! now with Lightsaber mode!

Progress is a cruel mistress.

i have come to discover somethings lately.  1st thing being the psychological dilema of creating a sound producing interface/prosthesis.  If you can produce an endless array of hardware, software and sonic permutations, i am finding, that this becomes the new "songwriting" except that the songs are programming and design.  sitting (!?) and recording a song-the aural type- is of less and less interest to me currently.  maybe one day i will need to document these ideas in carbonite, but right now the song is in the variation of the project.

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head in the code

s interesting as it might seem that it would be for me to live-update my progress with the new software, i t usually entails long hours of me babbling to myself, scribbling in notebooks and cursing.  the next phase is at the peak of a tipping point where it takes a bit more energy to push it over so I will be regressing back to a “coding-hermit-like” state for the brief foreseeable future so I can make this a reality, SOON.  see you on the other side…

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