teaching is fun!!

image1061228971.jpgwhat a great week! I have been in the north German city of Bremen as part of a wotkshop to teach a group of kids about computer science thru the use of pure data, arduino and performance. it was sponsored by the university of Bremen and a local fablab collective here and culminated in a series of presentations and performances last night (Friday).

I've never had the opportunity to "teach" teach. I've given advice and answered some forum posts, but not full fledged teaching. I must admit that the feeling was very satisfying. I would have included more pictures of the group, but apparently there are laws against posting pictures of kids that aren't yours so we will have to make due with a picture of one of the projects; a dancepad triggering system that wirelessly connected to the lighting system to turn lights on and off when stepped on. this on one of many arduino based projects on display.

I was amazed at how quickly they absorbed everything that was thrown at them. with no prior knowledge, they learned about arduino programming, pure data programming, simple wireless networking, then built their projects which included a noise making ghettoblaster, a simple wireless midi keyboard, a motion induced filter and a light controlling headset. on top of that, they learned an entire dance routine that incorporated all of it, then were able to give a decent presentation about the technology to the audience at the fablab sponsored event Friday night! I am so proud of everyone involved. they, and the other instructors really blew my mind.

one benefit of teaching, that I saw, was how much I had to stay on my toes. kids ask questions you do expect and you gotta sound like you kinda know what you are talking about. it's similar to the buzz I get from busking. I look forward ti doing it more.