DVD creation is a pain in the ass!

tatt pics 3 31 08 010 When i Got my Tattoo, I decided to take the money i had saved up, and go and get a 5 hour session on my first go.  I was so excited to get it done. The idea of a circuit inspired tat had been kicking around in my head for years.  i had waited long enough! I wanted it NOW!  So i went to the tattoo place and the artist explained to me blah blah blah, the pain would send my nervous system into shock after about 15 minutes and it would be more tolerable, yadda yada…Let’s get on with iiiiiiiiiiii….OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!AHHHHHHHHGGGGHHHHHH!!! WTF is this pain!?!?!  it was like getting stung py one persistent psychotic bee…for 5 hours!!  And then, just when i thought,”Ok, i think i can handLLEEEYYEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHGGGGH!! and it was even worse!  especially around the elbow…actually, anywhere near a bone.  The point?  I love my tattoo with all my heart, but had i known ahead of time how painful it was, i’d have probably, and unfortunately, been more sensible and spaced out the sessions.

Thus it is with DVD creation.  I believed that it was like making a big CD; drop some files on there and you’re good to go.  I envisioned a hybrid audio/video DVD with pictures, and notes and patches and its all pretty and fresh n shit.  what i am learning is that DVD’s are a pain in the ass to author and their passing will cause no one any loss of sleep. 

first, why cant i have video content followed by audio content on the same disc? and what’s with all the formats?! dvd,dvd-a, hd-dvd, dvd-ram, dvd-rom, blue ray…seriously?!?  and  none of them are compatible (not strictly true,but i’m pissed…).  but luckily, just as with getting my tattoo, I am hard-headed and don’t like being made to feel like i cant do something that i should easily be able to do.

first, i find that you cant just copy video files onto the disc and call it a day. no…you must convert them to some format then they have to be placed in a folder just for video, with a load of text files for…who knows wtf they are for…they’re there and they are neccessary.  ok.  so you think you should be able to add music…its just movies with out video, right? wrong.  so i first had to (thankfully, open source to the rescue) use an app called DVD flick to create a video DVD, then, after spending 2 days to realize that wavelab creates audio DVD in the DVD-A(audio) format which is incompatible with many DVD players, I discovered Audio DVDcreator which will create a music dvd that will play in normal DVD players THEN, i will use ANOTHER  application called DVDRemake Pro to “merge” the two DVD’s into one cohesive entity, after which i am assured, by way of research, that i can add anything i want to the root directory and it will show up when placed in a computer while not interfering with DVD player functioning.

needless to say that for the next campaign, i will be distributing anything that doesnt fit on a CD, on flash drives.  holla.

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