The 21st Century Musicians Guide to Busking, vol1; Implementation

Oh IMG_0156 yes…it is getting more and more real everyday, baby!  Idon’t hink Malcolm Gladwell is losing any sleep over the possiblity of my book hitting #1 on the bestsellers list, but I’m happy with it!

I’ve been playing around with this book for 2 years!  and this is just the first volume of 3; Implementation.  Iwanted to write a book that was for laptop and electronic musicians because, my theory goes, if there is a resource to help them be the best they can be, then people wont freak when they see electronic artists playing onthe street.  freaking is good, when its about the way the music makes people feel.  its bad when it makes the cops come and scrutinize everything you are doing.  its bad when people think that you are down on your luck because they believe that busking is for artists that couldnt “make it”.  Busking is an art and it is my hope with these books, to create a resource that hopefully gets artists to do it properly and to respect each other and the space they are performing in so that people see that busking is not a last resort, but rather a viable additional artisitc outlet.

IMG_0153 being that i am not endowed with loads of cash, i made the books myself.  my way of saying thanks to those that contributed to my crowdfunding campaign.  5 people went for this particular perk so i will be mailing out 5 books later today.  first i must make some spiffy clear plastic covers, to go with the bolted on binding, which is drilled.  i want it to have the vibe of a users manual.  the type of thing one would bring into the field and reference regularly. 

using word to make it into a book was tedious, but not unneccessarily so.  they actually have a folded book mode!  hahaha! nice! i was able to adjust the inside margin and averything.  yeah, i know thats nothing new or whatever, but its new to me and i found it cool.

IMG_0150 I will write the next volume deep in the winter hibernation.  I am working on integrating the beatjazz control system and a new busking system i designed, much more intimately and i will detail my finding in the next volume.

so now that this is done, i am compiling the DVD for the TRON campaign contributors.  I hope to have that in the mail by monday morning.  tuesday morning at the latest.  once that is in the mail, i will officially begin the new campaign to pick up where the last campaign left off and MAN, its going to be some other ish!  its killing me not to go into detail, but everything in due time.  l8r.

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