Test Driving Windows live writer


Sunny day-Mauer Park summer 2009

In my continuing quest to test various offline blogging functions, i have now downloaded and am testing windows live writer for win xp.

One big advantage this seems to have is that it downloaded all of my formating from my blog so it actually feels like i am typing directly onto my site, rather than some editor that will later  be posted to it.  I can see how it looks right away.  I havent published yet, so it could all be a mirage, but so far so good.

My gold standard up to this point has been the editor from google blogspot.  it made it very easy to just flow with writing and add stuff without having to deal with too much backend business.  I know me well enough to know that if i have to deal with all of that stuff, i will blog less, hence the drop in blogging over the last few weeks.  I had attempted to write posts in blogspot then cut and paste the html here, but the formating was always off. 

no more! now it looks and feels better than ever.Picture 022   adding this picture was  much easier than in webbased editors.  with many options for rotating, color correction, resizing, etc, all while still giving the feel that i am adding it directly to my blog rather than playing around in an editor window.

There are loads of plugins for adding other functionality too.  why am i just discovering this tool?!

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