Gearing up for some new geek adventures

As I mentioned before, and repeatedly, I apologize for the dearth of posts. The last few weeks has been crazy. Magazine interviews, shows, project completions. I love it!! But it can be a bit of an attention hog.

One aspect that had slowed me down a bit was the blog editor I was using. It was very hard to get things posted and formatted the way that I liked as easily as I liked. I am far from a web guru. I like to be able to vomit thoughts onto the screen then post it and move on but the inbuilt editor had me checking and rechecking things too much which curbed my enthusiasm quite a bit.

Today though, I am trying out the blogpost feature in word 2007. My internet guru Jason Martin, over at Belzomedia, got all my permissions sorted and this is my test post to see if everything worked the way it should. If so, its about to be a new day! Especially with a new campaign coming up soon. There are so many perspectives to tell that I am really hoping this system is fluid and stable.

Stay tuned. I just came up with some stuff that I hope blows your mind as much as it blows my mind. L8r.

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