The Evolution to Exploration

Well, it would seem that I and Tacheles are destined to be inextricably linked this year.  This is footage from the "We Support Tacheles, vol.2" concert from July 2, 2011.  This was easily the biggest show I’ve played, to date, with the new system.  The night was a rousing success but there a few screw ups.

Firstly, I must figure out what this "intro" bug is.  It seems that my sound checks are flawless but as soon as I step out on stage for the actual show, something freaks, but is soon thereafter it is rectified.  I think it is cellular interference.  I will change the channel settings on my radios and probably create a system to change them dynamically to see if that cures it.

the other is my number one pet peeve...the one that has been the cause of any/all show related conflict in the last 10 years; DON'T %*^& WITH MY SOUND!! A person, who should really know better (and shall remain nameless) unplugged me in the middle of a %*^#ing concert!!!  Who does that?!?!  And then stood there looking like it was cute. It wasn't  

After those adventures, the night was AMAZING!  They really had an eclectic line up and a great sound system.  Tom Plummer and crew did the multi camera video shooting.  I need these cats at EVERY show.  They are the bomb! And really professional.

I'm starting to feel more comfortable with this concept.  On this particular night, I was using the newly integrated mic system.  I had to redesign the system, placing it on my back, which gave it a much more cyber-punk vibe.  I will almost be sad to hide all of these mechanics in the helmet because I dig the "cable out the back of my head" look of this setup.  It much more mobile and helps with the expressivity of movement. Looking forward to taking it further down the rabbit hole for the show at HKW on Thursday (more on that further down)

Last week we went to Weimar for the International Pure Data convention where I was scheduled to perform and present the beatjazz controller.  This is a gathering of the "braintrust" of the Pure data world.  It was the geek equivalent of a muggle going to Hogwarts for the first time.  These guys are really really REALLY smart and made PD do things I didn't even think were possible.  Just from what I saw there, I am going move forward into areas such as video and DSP that I was afraid to go near, before the convention.  Really exciting stuff.

I have finally compiled a collection of live recordings from the beatjazz control system.  I decided to name the EP "exploration".  The whole of the last few months, as well as the foreseeable future, have been focused on exploring the sonic possibilities born of this new system.  The sound is grittier and more intense than some of my earlier recordings.  I think that is owed to the increased narrative potential of having the hands free to create independent parameterization.  I am happy with the results especially considering that I still do not have viable lip pitch control although I did recently discover that now that the pressure tube is positioned directly in front of my mouth, I don't even need the mouthpiece.  I like this "naked" tube vibe because it’s much easier to discern when I am playing, singing or neither.

There are two big differences in this EP than previous releases.  First is that it costs $5.  The reason for this is that the people that contributed $5 or more to my campaign receive this EP.  I feel that it is only fair that I keep it at that price point.  And the other difference is that this release isn’t self "mastered"(mastering is when you make a recording sound really good).  This one was mastered by Vernon "d. German" Hill who has played with Dwele, Slum Village, Phat Kat, J Dilla and the Platinum Pied Pipers, Greg Dokes, Luniz, Joy Delelane and Calvin Richardson and a load of other cats.  He somehow "de-squashed" my live recordings and made them sound crisp.  Magic? Possibly.  Same magic that he brings to all his projects, me thinks.

As for upcoming shows, I have a show this Thursday that the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of world culture) on Mocky's "POST-EVERYTHING STAGE" at 10pm.  I'm on the bill with Peaches, Bonaparte, and Joel Gibbs.  I plan to keep moving on my trajectory toward abstracting bits of Dubstep with slivers of 8-bit sound.  i may even throw in some 80's techno sounds i've been building.  i want to paint a picture of Berlin as it is to me, sonically.  The tickets are 12/15euro.

til next time.  Let me know what you think of the EP.  l8r.