So so so much to do!

Let me apologize for the dearth of posts in the last couple of weeks.  i can not begin to go into how much stuff is going on right now.  and its getting busier.  I am trying to adjust and settle into the new groove but some stuff slacked a bit, such as my blog, but i promise i am getting back into the swing of things.
Spent most of the last week learning the hard way, AGAIN, that using a force sensing resistor to measure lip pressure used to control pitch bend, is not the droid i'm looking for.  this time it worked for about a week before failing due to my faulty design.  but even when it did work, it was "spongy" feeling.  inaccurate.  hard to control and generally not very dynamic.  i'm going to start researching hall effect (magnet) sensors again.  i think they will work much better now that i have the silicon material Uli gave me, to work with. putting the finishing touches on the MAKE mag article right now.  I am building the first beatjazz controller that will be played by someone other than myself, so i can photograph it properly with a decent camera.  and i am re building the code so its readable by my new fellow beatjazzer and works well with the gestural notation i created for it.  all of this should be finished by weeks end.
I am also scanning thru all the recordings i've made this year to find the bits that give a nice picture of the state of this project.  there are some parts that were surprisingly singular and it is my hope that you dig the parts i've selected.  these will make up the contributor EP which will be ongoing thru the rest of the year. both of the above items as well as scans of my notes and the first draft of my book "the 21st century musicians guide to busking" will also, magically, be compiled onto a DVD which will also contain video and extra content.  this is part of the push to wrap up the first campaign and prepare for the second (more on that next week).
It is now official that its time for my wx5 to find a new home (ebay link).  I cant really see a situation that would make me want to ever play it again.  i thought, once i finished my beatjazz controller, that i would at least double on it; play my controller sometimes and the wx5  sometimes but ha!  as soon as the beatjazz controller was making noise, the wx5 became a relic of a bygone era.  I even thru in the kenton wireless midi system so whoever buys it next can be wireless right away.  I hope it brings its new owner as much joy as it brought me.
Next week I present the controller to the Pure data community at the Pure Data Convention in Weimar, germany.  really excited about this showing because the convention will be packed with many of the people whose projects inspired mine and i fully expect to learn quite a bit more stuff from these people while there.  hopefully Miller Puckette ( the creator of Pure data) and Hans christoph steiner (the creator of pduino and firmata, the arduino firmware that allows it to interface with pure data) will be there and i get a chance to chat about all things PD, open source and futuristic.  very exciting stuff.
on a final note.  I will be in the US from early Sept to early/mid Oct.  me and, what i refer to now as the MkI beatjazz control system, will be looking to spread the gospel in between corporate gigs and family visits.  If this sounds like something you or your company would be into, drop Susanne a line at booking@onyx-ashanti.com and lets hook it up. Ok, back to work...l8r.
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