Lovin' that new "site" smell!


Oooh, do ya smell that?  That’s the virtual version of new car smell.  Just sitting behind the wheel, pushing the buttons and adjusting the mirrors for the first time.  That’s how I feel right now.  Welcome to my new website!  Onyx-ashanti.com. go ahead.  Look around.  Chill out.  Can I get you a coffee?!

This new site has all the tools for the concept going forward.  As well as the updated music links (still Bandcamp because they are the bomb), there are pages for events, photos videos, THIS blog, which is now my main blog (although beatjazz.blogspot.com will remain online) the newsletter and FORUMS!!  Yaaaaay!!!  All cohesive and wonderfully easy to maneuver around and easy for me to update regularly.

So where did I get such a groovy site from?  this cat, Jason Martin, from Belzo Media contacted me last week and offered to build it and conceptualize it and everything, but that's not the dopest part.  As soon as I screamed "YES!!" back to him thru our email correspondence, he was off to the races!  He sorted out all the particulars and had a basic page up in a few hours and this beautiful site up in a few days.  He grasped the idea of where this concept can go and brought in features and designs to present it properly.  Jason is the MAN!!  He designed a site that is aesthetically pleasing while adding functionality that ensures this won’t just be showcase page, but, I hope, will be a hive of activity in the coming weeks and months.

I finally am voice capable once more.  I went and got a mic a couple of days ago.  It will be the first time I have used voice since building the new Beatjazz controller system.  I had used vocoding in the old days (read 8-9 months ago),but I have been fixated with getting the controller systems stable so I put the vocal processing on the backburner, but now I feel like I can incorporate it properly now.  Which means multiple vocoding setups, and chords (roger troutman tribute, here we come!!)

This aspect will lead smoothly into the nextbig phase of learning and implementation for me; dynamic abstractions and PD audio processing.  Up til this point, I had only used midi and datastream processing.  Now I will start to route my audio inputs thru pure data before sending them to the looper and out to the system.  This looks to be quite a bit more involved than the midi data stuff I’ve been using.  You can easily end up over in the DSP brainiac area that usually makes my head hurt.  So don't expect any grand audio centric constructs for at least a couple of months.  For the time being, it’s all about the vocoder and the looper and the stuff I learn from those two things will inform everything after that.

so that gives me 3 days to get the vocoder jumping, have studio maestro Vernon D. Hill help me to get my drums popping (this cat is heavy, Google it) and refine my, now, stable z-axis wobble bass, before dropping on cats at the Tacheles Demonstration Party Saturday night at Tacheles in Berlin.  I want to come with my A+ game not just because I want to set it off, but because we cannot let this place close.  It is too important to not gentrify Berlin to death.  I don't want to move again.  Everywhere else I have lived, is cool, then it becomes all about money then arts are seen as "a hobby" which is when you know it’s over.  In this place we are a valid segment of the population and the economy and we will not let this symbol of Berlin’s artistic heritage be converted into a high-priced Gym!  So come out and get twisted with us on Saturday night!!

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