The Golden Ratio

I spent most of last week rebuilding the hand units. As I stated in my last post, the humidity in NYC warped the cardboard, so although they were still playable, I decided to use it as an excuse to make some badly needed upgrades, namely, rewiring the internals.
The previous incarnation was never meant to be played this long. The guts were a nest of really inflexible solidcore wire. The ends of which were placed really inelegantly into the pinslots. Really really ugly. so when it came time to rebuild the left hand unit (primarily because it looked so sad and pathetic next to the new, stronger, lighter, small right hand rebuild), I decided to redesign the inside.
I knew weeks ago that I wanted to create a "shield" for my arduinos that would be the connection point for all wiring and sensors and would allow me to simply take it off the arduino when I needed to do any reprogramming. So that's what I did. I also used much lighter weight wire so now it doesn't feel like I’ve got a jack-in-the-box waiting leap out at me.
To be honest, I was amazed that it worked. It kinda resembles the metallic skeleton of some little square creature, but nothing popped and the magic smoke didn't escape, so I’m chillin.
The most exciting development is finding, what I think could be, a sort of thumb-to-index finger, golden ratio. interestingly, the thumb motion is on one axis and the "twitch switch” next to my left index finger, is on a separate axis, yet together, they fell like they are part of one mechanism rather than two separate joysticks. at first, I though maybe it was my imagination but on Sunday spent the afternoon taking the system thru its paces, and the finger action was effortless, which is interesting because it has never been even close to effortless. I applied this new found knowledge to the thumb joystick placement on the right hand unit (up 5-6mm and over 4-5mm).
In other news, what a freaking difference that TED posting has made!! WOW!! It's amazing!! So many people knowing what Beatjazz is now. not many (except you of course!) really cared that much before, but now people are linking it, and discussing it, and debating it and even the internet trolls are getting their digs in. You aren't really doing it right until the internet trolls diss you! I think I’m blushing! It’s all so interesting. I want to see how this story progresses.
And soon, all of my base are belong to onyx-ashanti.com. I will wait to dedicate a post to my new internet guru til next week but the new site will be the new home of the blog, events, forums, and all kinds of other mental stuff that I will wait to talk about a bit later.
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