Progress is exausting!

nope, no OVER EXCITED exaltations of how wonderful everything is.  no pretty shots of electronic componentry (ok...just one).  no ruminations on the future of live music performance.  nope...there is only code, and flow charts and mind maps on serial communication, AT commands, actionscript, proccessing, and java classes.  lest we not leave out learning that most computers come with a calculator that can convert decimal numbers to Hex and learning to read and use system exclusive and OSC.  now, i would be lying if i said that i'm not into this stuff.  I am.  i find this stuff to be amazingly interesting and must pinch myself daily to my great fortune to have been born at this point in history to be able to do it, but WOW, FUCKING WOW! The Rabbit hole has no bottom!

there are worlds within worlds of this shit on the internet!  you cant believe!  forums where people chat about the intricacies of this stuff the way you or i might chat about...well, theres not really any comparison.  its deep, DEEP.  the further i go in, the more i ask questions that make my brain almost shutdown, i find that my question is that of a virgin "noob" (new-bie; some one who is new to the game) and doesnt even warrant a response until i bug the shit out of everyone until some one throws me a tid-bit of info that to them is some throw away shit yet to me, is the most valuable bit of text known to man!  I have a healthy ego and i like me, but i am truly humbled.  all i can say is wow!  i am not worthy and i must go forward much more apprentice-like.

thats not to say that things arent happening. And i fully expected, and honestly, looked forward to these issues.  i recieved the larger FSR's (force sensing resistors) this week.  these are the sensors i will be using as "keys" on my instrument.  i chose them because i will be a ble to program variable levels of functionality into one key which, creatively, excites me.  and with these sensors, i now have 99% of what i need to create the controller, the one hold out being the breath sensor, i am waiting to show up in the mail.

I must apologize at the dearth of updates this week.  i am working on the underlying concept of the instrument; a 3 way wireless network. left hand, right hand and mouth unit.  This will be the definitive aspect of the system so i want to focus on doing it properly.  without going to deep into it, i've got to use some code that was gracisously shared with me by an American developer named Robert Guyser, to determine how to parse data from the 3 nodes in my "network" then create a pure data patch (program) that will look for the same packet structure and split the data stream up into pieces that pure data can understand.  so, i might miss a few days of facebook updates.  i hope thats ok.

so if you are wondering where i am for the next week, now you know.  the next "GREATEST POST IN THE WORLD, LOL!!LMAO, YAAAAY!!" post will come when i get the network functioning.  which should be in about a week. have a great weekend!

EDIT: found a system that may create a perfect basis for my programming BUT it doesnt like windows, so, its beginning to look alot like Linux...and the plot thickens...
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