The end of the Campaign...the Beginning of the Project; introducing the beatjazz controller model

Well, here it is!  This is the form factor that the TRON Beatjazz controller will take.  I, in my great wisdom, decided that I would rather "make" some weird paper mache' clay out of glue, joint compound, flour and wet toilet paper, blended into a clay like material with an electric mixer.  After searching 3-4 different stores for all the ingredients, I finally got home, made a batch and molded this baby.  The clay did it’s job somewhat.  I was able to finally get the idea out of my head and into the real world, and here it is!

It surprised me how much it came out looking like a fighter jet joystick, but it feels SO good in the hand.  The weight goes where it is supposed to and the fingers fall comfortably onto the keys.  The clay wasn't malleable enough to create the strap that will go diagonally across the back of the hand, but the basic layout is all there and everything is exactly as it should be.  There will be plenty of space for the MaxM RGB LED as well as internal space enough to house the battery, accelerometer, transceiver and processor boards. This will look amazingly sick when we create the carbon fiber molds with it (or rather one just like it); small enough to be cradled in the hand and large enough to gawk at the awesomeness of design and the materials. Super mega excited!

So here we are.  Less than 12 hours left after a little over a month of non-stop progress and a few surprises;

  • ·         we quickly went from a wired concept to a completely wireless one
  • ·         With the help of the amazing Uli Maier, we created a prototype helmet to that will be used to mount components in preparation for the carbon fiber "afro" version.
  • ·         began almost from scratch on a pure data based wind midi system
  • ·         With early contributions, purchased the first of the wireless transceivers and started programming with them.
  • ·         created a working Boehm-fingered wind midi system (on a breadboard)
  • ·         And now have the first (or technically second) viable physical model of the Beatjazz controller hand unit that will become the basis of the design going forward.

And all of this BEFORE the official beginning of the project itself!  NOW, it’s time to 

  • ·         make the wind midi system into a "giggable" instrument
  • ·         Update the accelerometer based gestural system I created, into a dual accelerometer system.
  • ·         create a multi-channel looping system with full gestural control access
  • ·         finish the last half of my book "the 21st century musicians guide to busking"
  • ·         create and mold the carbon fiber parts and assemble the final stage controllers
  • ·         assemble all the notes and videos from this project into the perks packages for the contributors without whom there would be no TRON Beatjazz controller system
  • ·         the work like hell to prepare for a SMOKING-ass debut party at the end of May where I make good on my promise to have created the most AMAZING live music performance system EVER!

So, as you can see, this is just the beginning, but it is the beginning of a dream. I cannot believe that this day has finally arrived in my career.  And it is because of YOU that it is happening.  Your supportive posts and kind words and drawings, and word of mouth and yes, money as well.  I am so honored to be creating this WITH you and FOR you and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for helping me get this far with the project.  I want to give special thanks to;

·         Uli Maier who's suggestion of carbon fiber, great knowledge and use of his workshop was the unofficial start of the campaign.
·         Susanne Heiden who filmed the intro video and helped me to be sillier in it than I would have been otherwise.

Peter Kirn for pushing my campaign out to such a a large audience over and over again.
·         And Chris "Loganic" Logan who was able to put my ideas into sketch form that allowed everyone to be able to see what I was talking about.

So, with that said...You still have 10 or so (depending on when you get this) hours to help make it happen!  Although i can "get by" with almost any amount, this isnt the " quest to build an ok controller" campaign.  this is the "HOLY SHIT, WTF IS THAT!?!?' Campaign and we're almost half way there!!

There are many perks just waiting for you. The $400 "wired “controller is now $250 and all controller perks over $800 will be cast in carbon fiber!  And every perk $15 and up include the EP and the party pass. So when it’s time for fulfillment time, most contributors will get a whole host of great perks!  time is almost over.  Let's do it and get this system built properly!!

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