24 hours left and a special thank you if you go for the GiG Pass

What a month!  From drawings to playable software/hardware (kinda)! 3 design revisions, a performance at CeBit and a full article in MAKE magazine!  Hahahaha!!! This has been great! And this isn’t even the official beginning!!  The "official" beginning is after the campaign ends, which is in 24 hours!  At that point, it's all nitty gritty for the next 30-45 days.

After rediscovering Paper Mache' the other day, and building the first mockups of the hand units, I realized that the design needed more refinement than my drawing suggested, so I created the most ergonomic design yet.  You can see from my illustration that its gourd-like shape will fit comfortably in the hand while providing ample space for the battery necessary to power the BlinkM MaxM RGB LED (the three capsules in the square in the middle of the unit).  A regular high output LED emits approximately 1000-8000mcd or millicandela (for reference, a 100watt incandescent bulb puts out 135,000mcd).  The MaxM? 445,000mcd!  Why? Because this is supposed to be the MOST amazing live music performance system EVER, and to do that, you need all the mcd's you can get! 

The headset will be much much simpler.  Primarily the processor/wireless module, a small battery, a pressure sensor and Hall Effect sensor to measure lip pressure.  Hall Effect sensors vary their voltage in the presence of a magnetic field(ie tiny magnet).  I wish I could say I just thought that up, but I opened up my existing wind controller to source these parts, so I know for a fact that they work and work well.  A tube will route underneath the right ear from the small box housing the components, to the "mouthpiece" which the player bites onto with a tiny "rim" that locks behind the teeth when they bite down, like a mini-snorkel or a balloon.  The headset will hang from the ears like reverse glasses, and the box will rest on the neck, positioning the mouthpiece directly in front of the mouth. 

The primary goal this week is to refine the midi system to be as good or preferably better than my existing wind midi controller, which is a tall but achievable goal. I hope to have it close to this goal by the time I perform at CeBit next tuesday. 

In honor of the end of this campaign and the beginning of the project to build the TRON Beatjazz controller, the next 4 persons contributing $800 or more to the campaign will receive the TRON Beatjazz controller with the headset (not the helmet), in CARBON FIBER!  I figure that once we mold three sets (two for me [one backup] and one for the contributor that ordered the 1st one yesterday) we can mold a few more, but only a few.  So if you have been contemplating it, now is the time.  Check out my post on perk fulfillment for more information.

We’re getting close to the goal!  24 hours left to fund building this monster.   When you see this in action (either myself or you if you order one) you're gonna say, "I'll be damned...he wasn't playing". Believe! 

Back to work for me...

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