Paper Mache'...Who knew?!

I had a bright spark yesterday.  I have been updating my drawings of the controller, in light of it new wireless manifestation.  Up till the last couple of days, it was still kinda based on the wired concept from the first video.  It wasn't until I decided to a ridiculously bright RGB LED system, which will need a ridiculously powerful battery, relative to the power requirements without it, that the design started taking shape; something where the majority of the weight is low and angled in toward the palm, using a "back-of-hand" cantilever design similar to the pipe design.  The fingers would need to fall naturally on the keys from many angles with an easily accessible thumb mounted joystick for each hand, which would serve multiple functions.  And, as I mentioned before, the LED array would need to be right up front, palm-side, providing synesthetic narrative.

Then it hit me this morning; I could do a simple paper mache' mockup to get a feel for the approximate placement of all of the components!  I had forgotten how easy paper mache’ is to work with.  Flour water and newspaper...that's it!  Allegedly, I found during my research on all thing paper mache’, that this combination, done properly, is actually strong enough to build a house out of.  I'll have to take their word on that one.  But I figured that it would be at least strong enough for my controllers.

After a days’ work of cutting, designing, painting and drilling, I have produced some surprisingly decent and strong first attempt mockups.  Interestingly, I discovered design issues with the first (left) hand that I subsequently corrected in the second.  I have a feeling that I will be repeating this process a number of times over the next few weeks as to have not only a decent giggable version for my CeBit performance, but to also provide a mold for the carbon fiber version, that is refined in every way.

THERE ARE 2 DAYS LEFT! If you are have been considering contributing to this campaign, jump on in!  The water is warm! There is so much left to do and the funds are necessary to make it happen.  For more information, drop by www.indiegogo.com/tronbeatjazz

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