It just got real; multipoint wireless!

OK, here we go! now, its getting real!

First off, the boehm fingering system i've been working on has started to show signs of becoming playable!  once i figured out a (short lived on account of not being particularly elegant) means of turning notes off, it seems that the other aspects should be reasonably easy to implement.  pure data allows you to figure your own solution, which is nice actually.  with the help of some of the cats on the Pure data forum, i was able to get the note on/off and duration issues sorted after i got back from france this wekend. ( great show by the way!)

But the big news for me is taking receipt of the first of the wireless modules and the boards that they fit onto.  i was quite emotional when Anton of  Tinkersoup.de here in Berlin, handed the components to me.  I have dreamed of a day when i could implement wireless into my system as easily as searching online and finding components for which there are GB's of data on all aspects of how implement them!  to finally not only have the wireless and the Arduino together finally, but to have an Arduino (Fio) that has an x-bee socket on the bottom!  It's as if they made this specifically for my project! 2 or more of these things together form a multi-point, bi-directional wireless network.  And each node has a 100m range!  I just got one and two Xbees so i can get started with getting accustomed to progamming the boards wirelessly.  next week i will get two more xbees and two more Arduino Fio's which will make up my one-to-many wireless network (one base station tranciever and the three "nodes"-two hand units and the helmet mounted oral interface.)

The Arduino is a new type of DIY,open source, microprocessor board for artists and hobbyist to create just about anything digital.  it has revolutionized the DIY scene over the last few years by making the tools open and free with abundant reference and tutorial services. There are many types by many manufacturers and one of the things it is compatible with is...

The MAXSTREAM Xbee wireless tranciever system. two or more of these little high speed radios creates a wireless "mesh" network.  Each can speak to either a base station or to each other.  They are very popular and also have an amazing number of tutorials and reference materials online.  It's like getting a college course for free.

These devices integrate very well with pure data and, i anticipate that the transmission speeds will be more than adequate for the the wind controller, and the lighting system I've designed.

I am really excited about the next few days.got a few larger buttons that suck much less than the previous buttons i was using. (finding buttons with that right "feel" is going to be difficult, i am finding) just acquired a multimeter that actually works, as opposed to my last one which cost 4euro's new.  That as well as header pins and a larger breadboard because i grossly underestimated how much breadboard space would be neccessary.  I am using an Arduino UNO which replaces my old semi destroyed NG model.  Once everything is wired properly again, i will shift it over to the wireless modules, then its time to fight crime! so, i wont be sleeping all that much, but i should have something that is playable-ish by Friday. which would time it perfectly for the beginnning of the project build phase that begins on the day the campaign ends on Monday. it probably wont be very "sweet" but it will demonstrate the fingering system and breath control.

If you would like to help this project happen, go over to www.indiegogo.com/tronbeatjazz.  I will have a small number of these controllers available for those that contribute $400 and up.  Iwill be posting updated artist renditions of the resulting controllers tommorrow or friday to coincide with the (hopeful) progress towards something playable by friday. stay tuned...
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