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Archive for January 2011


The first prototype TRON "afro" helmet

This Last Saturday, Uli and I met at his workshop and within 3 hours, the first Tron beatjazz "Afro" helmet had been birthed from metal, plaster and plastic!  or rather i should say "Prototype" helmet.  this helmet is made of thermoplastic and its purpose is two-fold. to provide a general idea of "a" shape that the final helmet may have but also, more importantly, to provide a means of testing component placement inside the helmet.  This helmet will be completely self contained and wireless so that means it will have the lip and breath sensors permanently mounted,as well as the mic and monitoring system and an accelerometer.

the realization of this first solid step towards the creation of this performance system, is not taken lightly. seeing something that you only dreamed about, taking shape right in front of you is a profound experience.  it gives you the courage to keep taking the chances that are necessary to make anything happen. 

this weeks schedule is extremely varied, but the primary goals are to keep doing as much as is possible with the limited funds that have been raised so far.  much of the more component involved work such as incorporating the accelerometers and the wireless mesh network will proceed once funding is at a level where the components can be purchased.

 until that time there is much to do, such as making a playable first version prototype by the end of the week.  to do that, i will spend most of my time, working on the sensitivity issues with the components i have already.  as well as trying to determine whether certain issues are with my programming, my ancient-ass arduino board, my wiring...or all three! 

the other project projects this week will be to create a head harness for the inside of the helmet and to start working on the next couple of chapters of my book, "a 21st century musicains guide to street busking".  i'm 80 pages in, and counting.  and finally, going to see the wonderful people at the auslanderberhorde (immigration) to do the beaureacratic tango, but that's just what ya gotta do, so its all good.

this week should prove to be very interesting.

Creating the Mold for the first TRON Beatjazz Helmet

Today,as I was preparing for my show at TRANSIT tommorrow night, I got a call from Uli Maier, the prosthetist that is graciously lending his immense skills and talent to helping me create my TRON beatjazz controller system, informing me that he had a bit of time and wanted to start the process of building the first plaster mold of the TRON "Afro" helmet.  YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! needless to say, it didnt take me long to teleport to Uli's workshop.

I would love to say that my contribution consisted of more than just saying, "yeah,a little more here...ooohh...can this be rounder?", but i'd be lying.  Uli is a true expert in his field and that expertise was definitely on display today. 

If you'dlike to see this project keep progressing, consider  making a contribution at


its all about wireless!

today i must segment my day into gig preparation for my show at TRANSIT on thursday night, 10 pages on the book i'm writing and Tron controller Midi research.  turns out that sending stable midi information from switches is quite an excercise.  that'll make it all the more sweet when it's finished.  but along with that to do list there is one other thing.

if you will remember, i mentioned in my last post that i will be making the system completely wireless.  i feel that this will allow a freedom of movement that the wired concept will not.  the design of this controller system is not based on how to do it the easiest way, but how to do it in a manner that will allow the performer (me) to blow peoples minds.  so for that reason, there will be no cables.  pure wireless networking.

the other day, i just so happened to think about the Kenton Midistream wireless midi system that i  had laying around and decided to open it up. lo and behold, i didnt just have one wireless tranciever...not just two wireless trancievers, but, you guessed it...THREE wireless trancievers(one for each antenna)!! what does this mean? well, now i can at least experiment with the wireless concept a bit before purchasing the trancievers that will i will actually be using in the design, which are called the xbee pro.  the ones i plan to use in the performance (ie not protype-testing version) have a range of around 1.6km which i would wager to be closer to half that amount but its still amazing!

i have found through experience that wireless range in live performance isnt that neat and definable because once you are wireless, you want to move around and sometimes that means goingoutinto the audience which to your wireless system is one big frequncy dampening field.  so it may be 1.6km with nothing in between and maybe 300m (rated) lineof sight, but in reality, if i can get 100-150m i will be in heaven.  that will be more than enough because the latency from that distance would start to degrade my ability to play in sync with myself.

so, today i say goodbye to the midistream system.  it gave me years of great service and allowed me freedom where there was none before.  but at the same time i say hello to my new baby, TRON, and look into her future with great optimism at the things she will be able to do.

If you'd like to help me build the most amazing live music performance system EVER, please goto for more information.  there are only 28 days left to contribute to this campaign!!

Plaster Casting Day!!

(OMG!! IF you had any idea how much headache i've gone thru for the last 14 hours trying to get this post posted!!! just thought I'd share...)

I haven't slept much in the last two weeks!  the campaign is off to a great start!  but its all fun and games until you start making molds of your body parts!  that was the mission for the day; make plaster casts of my head and hands.

Uli Maier, a professional Prosthetist (person who creates artificial limbs for people), and I, met up at Mauer Park on Sunday morning. we "chilled" out briefly with mutual friends, Rupert's Kitchen Orchestra,before heading back to Uli's to get down to business.

My excitement comes from knowing that Uli knows his stuff. He knows exactly how to make sure that the helmet will fit perfectly WITH all of the electronics that are being created to mount into it, as well as the hand units literally fitting like gloves.  the concept was good before, but with his expertise in making prosthetics, it will be very close to perfect.

The process was two fold.  Create a plaster cast of my head and then create a silicon cast of my hand (we could only do one today as we did not have enough silicon to finish the other), which we later filled with a different type of plaster. the next step will be to make an "onyx head" sized doll head that we will use to create the helmet mold which will then be used to shrink wrap the carbon fiber around, when the time comes.

the process for the hand units will be similar but with a slight difference.  Although the helmet already has a semi-determined amount of space for mounting components, the hand units went through a major concept rethink this week.  I decided that the previous idea of having a chest mounted arduino based central processor was going to be tedious in a performance situation.  to much cabling and harnessing.  This system is being designed to feel effortless.  So I decided that each hand unit and the helmet will be individually wireless.  I found methods for creating a wireless "mesh" network, which means that each part of the system is capable of not only talking to the computer but to each other as well. Once the components have been assembled into a prototype, Uli and i will then create hand units that have enough space for them.  very exciting.

Most of this week will be spent working on the fingering system and getting it up to playable.  The rest will be spent in preparation for my show at TRANSIT (Schlesische Str. 35a, Berlin) this Thursday the 27th at 9pm.  I will be playing live with some new self created techy hotness then I will be using a seperate new self-created DJ control system to keep the party going into the night.  i "may" try to bring some of the TRON controller project with me to the gig and do a little show and tell.  let me know if this is something you'd dig.

Now that the campaign is well underway, please share your thoughts and impressions of this campaign with me.  I really want to know what you think.  If there are some things that i'm not explaining well, please let me know. and if you would really like to see this project go the distance, remember, it needs you.  The parts that have been done so far would not have gotten done without the donations of time, money and energy that the project has received so far and there is still a really long way to go, so if you've ever wanted to support one of my projects, this is definitely the one.  You will be very happy that you did.


introducing The TRON Beatjazz "Afro" Helmet!

The great multitalented Loganic has just finished doing the proper sketches of the Tron beatjazz controller system helmet and he captured the essence perfectly.

The system houses all the electronics for the the lip and breath sensors, as well as voice and headtracking. all components are mounted inside the carbon fiber shell, which purposely looks like an afro.the weight savings from the carbon fiber will offset the wieght of the internally mounted components.  the small square on the goggles, is a heads up display; a small monitor that looks like a full size computer screen from the percieved distance of about 2 meters.  it will show all of the relevant feedback data that will be necessary to stay abreast of with a system of this complexity.  once on stage, this will become the computer screen, negatinng the need to go anywhere near the computer.

Using a small wireless transmitter, it will transmit data back and forth between the computer. that data will primarily consist of breath, lip and voice data which will all be consolidated into the small boom mic protrusion coming off the right ear.   two small high powered computer fans will ensure that i don't have a heat stroke while wearing it.  and last but not least, headtracking duties will be handled by an integrate ipod touch whose job will be to (a) provide the headsup display to the goggles by way of touchOSC, and provide data as to the position and direction of my head, which opens up all kinds of musically significant opportunities.

The Afro-aesthetic should prove to be visually stunning in practice.  it is meant to draw from a collective cultural concept and project it onto a future-focused construct.  i want it to kinda tell a story that picks up from Parliament Funkadelic and Sun Ra. that of being an "afro"naut, maneuvering through a sonic alternate reality and interacting with the beings there and that one needs this helmet to percieve and communicate with them...or at least thats the idea. 

Sunday we pour molds of my head and hands to start realizing these drawings into something more tangible.  but for now, these drawing provide an accurate idea of where the concept is going.  If you would like to see this project become reality, please go by and check out the project and see if you'd like to part of the quest to create the most amazing live performance music system ever!

Getting started on the first prototype

Thank you so much to those who have contributed to this project!  It has allowed me to get started right away!   my hope is to have a very basic working prototype within a week.

Today, I went to get some of the initial components. I went to Conrads in Charlottenburg first but then ended up at what is now my favorite DIY electronics shop in berlin. Segor Electronics.  i knew they would have what i consider to be the most characteristic component of the entire project;

the pressure transducer, or what will be the breath sensor.  it's a hideous little component looking like something that should be bigger and under the hood of a car, but ooohh...its so hot!  this little bugger will translate my blowing into data that will be used to play the synthesizers with a level of expression that is not available any other way! but the extra added bonus of this particular one is that it also has a "suck" sensor (insert joke here...) which i could see being useful for mode changes without having to push a button.  i am excited!

i also got a Hall effect sensor.  this miraculous little sensor measures magnetic field intensity so together with a small magnet, you get a very smooth data curve by bringing the magnet closer to the sensor.  this will be the lip sensor that will transmit pitch as a woodwind player would.  there will be much experimentation with sensor type and magnet size but it will work perfectly once its "dialed in"

the rest is just tools, a breadboard for protyping, button switches for "keys" and 2 rgb LEDs which will be the basis of the color synth system that will be the trippy part of the design.  that's one LED to test with and one to inadvertenly blow up,as you do when prototyping stuff.

allof these sensors will be running to my ancient arduino board.  arduino is a wildly popular open source microcontroller platform.  it allows you to easily connect just about anything to your computer and do things with the resultant data.  literally ANYTHING.  for my purposes right now, the arduino will be interprting the data from the sensors, and spitting said data out to pure data, where i have written a program, "patch" in Pure data lingo, that take mybutton presses and turns them into saxophone fingerings. most all woodwind instruments use a system called the "boehm" fingering method.  i have decided to use this system because it is what i know already.  i can always change or adapt it later. in the video i am generating button presses from touch osc to makesure that horn like key combinations are generating the appropriate note.

the goal of the next few days is to get the arduino based system working properly. get breath and lip data functional and map the octaves to the joysticks.  hopefully the campaign keep building so ican afford to buy the accelerometers and the first of the wireless trancievers.  Uli Maier, the talented Prosthetist that will be helping me IMMENSELY with this project, and I will be creating the plaster molds for my hands and head on Sunday, andi plan to film the entire procedure so stay tuned.

Again, thank you to all who have so generously contributed to this project.  it is going to be a wild couple of months!  if you would like to see this project keep moving forward, goto and give what you feel.  if you cant give any money, share this project with people that you feel would like to be a part of what i hope and plan to be the dopest live performance controller ever.  i'm not joking!  this thing is gonna be sick! believe.

Introducing the quest to build the Tron Beatjazz controller!

Happy New Year! I hope the new year finds you healthy and happy!

It is finally time to unveil what i have been working on for the last few (years) weeks.I have been getting everything together to begin working on a project that is very important to me.

The last few years, I have been kinda low key.  mainly focusing on practice and programming. there was always a reason for this, although i never went into much detail about, opting to wait for the right time.  i realized late in the summer that this winter would be that time.  and so i introduce my project, the TRON Beatjazz Controller system campaign!  this my little pitch video for the project.

Basically, the goal of this project is to not only create a very modern type of live music performance system that blends movement with sound design and musical composition, but, also create an open source aspect that makes the techniques and methodology of beatjazz openly available.

I've been working on this idea for a few years.  I created the first version in 2008. I showed it at the Maker Faire in California that year, but shortly thereafter, i moved to Berlin so i put the project on the backburner for a couple of years.  over these last  few years, I the project was never out of my thoughts and i spent much time acquiring information on the techniques i would need to make this a reality. All the strange iphone projects you've seen me presenting over the last year and a half?! yup, all those projects were created so that i could learn some technique that i needed to make this project a reality.

for instance, the whole reason for the iphone-on-the-back-of-the-hand thing was to learn how to program for the iphones built in accelerometer which makes it very easy now to program for the 2 accelerometers that my controller has designed into it.  using pure data, touchOSC and the iphone was a perfect laboratory to test certain concepts that will go into this controller.

the Tron Controller system is actually 2 projects with core technology and concepts.  the first project is the the open source pvc pipe version that i will share with anyone that wants to build one.  the design is based on two pvc pipe based hand units, each with a joystick, an accelerometer and "keys"(push buttons) which allow it to be played using saxophone fingering.  these are connected to an arduino board,which is a microprocessor board for creative projects.

 i designed the system to work similarly to my wx5 wind midi controller so there are two sensors for lip and breath data. this data goes the computer and is fed backto the hand units as color data fed to a couple of tri-color LEDs, which act as a color based indicator-light system.  in use, it should look and feel like playing glowsticks at a rave, (the name TRON, is inspired by the light trails that the bikes would make in the movie)!  I have designed a whole gestural control interface so you never have to touch the computer for anything.  it works by moving your hand in pre-defined ways to control the parameters you want.  this version will be open source and the plans and patches will be available to all.

then there is my tron performance system version.  this is my personal system and will be the absolute best implementation of the concept.  it is based on the same ideas of the open source version but with key differences.  This system will be a complete performance system.  the goal was to create a system that allows me to have the freedom of movement of a dancer with the ability to make use of the playing techniques i have learned as a horn player over the last 20 years so it shares the individual hand-unit concpet with the pipe version, but here the hand units are custom molded from carbon fiber which willmake them half theweight and enhance the ability to do a wide array of hand/arm movements.  the hand units will have a full row of  lights accross the front of each one which will,in use,make them very visually stimulating.

these will lead up to a chest mounted arduino-mega based processing system that will wirelessly communicate with the computer, which will, of course, be running pure data.  an interesting side note is that all functions of this controller will be pure data based.  that will allow the system to be infinitely upgradeable.

the most interesting aspect will be the helmet.  as you know,i have a thing about my helmet.  why ask why?  i dig helmets! most of the coolest comic book characters have helmets and its probably pretty obvious that i am inspired by comics and scifi.  this helmet will be fully functional.  most stage electronics that would normally be worn as a series of belt packs, such as wirelessmic,wireless monitors (to hear what you're playing) will be built into this helmet,as well as the lip and breath sensors.  there will also be a headup display to see all relevant music data floating in front of the field of vision.  the best part is that it will look amazing!  that is very important.  i wish i were alive when Parliament Funkadelic were in their prime! i would have loved to see something so cosmic and larger than life!  this project is anattempt to BE that now.  somethng you see and cant forget!

all together my goal with the project is the present beatjazz to the world,complete with its own instrument and methodology.  we live in exciting times! there are revolutions in music happeneing around us constantly.  Beatjazz isnt something that i created.  I just synthesized a bunch of stuff from a bunch of places into a style,and gave it a name.  the next cat will take what i do and flip it their way, and on and on...its so mind-blowing to be in a position to be part of this conversation.

if you dig what i am presenting here, please go to and check out the campaign.  any thing you can do or give towards making this a reality, would be massively appreciated.  if you can share this with others, it would be huge to me.  because as you know, this is my life.  if you've followed me for a while you know, for me,there is nothing else.  my life is music and always has been. the TRON beatjazz system i can safely garantee that with your help, i will blow your mind with this system.

the campaign is 35 days long.  during that time i will be updating my newletter with high regularity so i hope you are cool with going on this little adventure with me over the next 2-3 months. it should prove to be very exciting to follow.

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