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Of Patterns and Patternists; A Sonocybernetic Manifesto

everything before this document-in other words, my life-has been research for what this document lays out; a multi-dimensional language orbiting a sono-spatial musical protocol. Read More

The John Coltrane Theory

what if along the way to looking for transcendence, coltrane discovered that he was trapped in a psychic matrix made of sound? what if all that we perceive as his genius was actually him trying to escape this construct? Read More

How to design a wireless 3d printed digital musical interface

A friend asked me if I could give her some pointers on how to start designing a 3d printed digital musical interface. realizing that the answer would be more than a few paragraphs I decided to write a blog post on the topic, for posterity. Read More

What would CYBORG mean if the word were invented today?

Part 1 of 3 Read More

Bitcoin, Art and Thermodynamics

The first of a series of notes and thoughts on the evolution of self realization through sonic pattern creation and feedback.(2 of 3) Read More

A 21st Century Musicians Guide to Busking-Free Ebook

Ever thought about performing in public with electronic gear? I wrote an ebook on the subject which is available for free download. click this link and happy busking! Read More


A playlist of all the TED and TEDx talks Ive done over the last few years Read More

Through the looking glass...
"I am a guy i thought up when i was a kid..."

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time is near

here it is....

the synth ive been trying to get to for years....

each finger direction, x and y axis on the accelerometer, plays a note on a mathematical pentatonic scale, 10 total notes per hand, all perfectlyspaced from each other to create perfect chords

this synth will ship with the system as the calibration system, called "simplicity", ie, lets the pilot know whether that sensor is working and how hard or easy it is to press in relation to the surrounding keys. the upper knuckles have one function each. the "complexity" engine is the one that will go crazy with the branches of fingered parameter combinations. it will be more similar to the simplicity engine going forward.

Time is the material to be played with now...everything is now percieved as transformations of time, using sound to represent it.

the keyboard/mouse system is working nowand ive begun using it but it needs all the symbol sounds to be designed and used (not a long process anymore as the synths exist ad are already in place for programming)

note: dont listen to what i am playing per seĀ“, peep the purity of the chordal relationships and how they flow into each other


something new to say, soon….

Picture 816


demo and description of the sonocyb1 interface

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